Thursday, December 17

Instant 80s Hair

…Hmm, I’m not sure how to write this. Any way I put it, at some point I’ll have to admit that I had some extra hair of mine just laying around (in a nice neat braid) in my closet. A hair-donation attempt that didn’t work out… Will they think think that’s weird? Or creepy? Or “no wonder she has a messy house – she’s can’t even throw away her old hair…”?

Well, that extra hair it sure came in handy for a party last weekend. Some dear friends of ours host an annual Christmas celebration. This year, they decided to add an 80s theme and encouraged people to dress accordingly. Here’s my man and me… and my hair…

KandK 80s

If you’re still reading (and are intrigued rather than repulsed), here’s a fun photo. Can’t say I’ve ever sewn this “material” before…


In the end, the sewing was unnecessary. Some glue and a comb (and some cardstock) was all I needed. Well, and a curling iron of course. And lots and lots of hairspray…


Result: Well, I don’t think I would’ve won “Best Dresses Female” without the hair. (There were some great outfits there!!! Hilarious what we wore back then!)

face without bangsface with bangs

And the bangs (or “fringe” for you non-American English speakers) have been making the rounds in the house, instantly transporting people back 20 years… even if they weren’t alive two decades ago.

Like my 4-year-old daughter and my 19-year-old cousin…


Oh, and my man won “Best Dress Male.” My hair might have helped out there too. There was just a small bit of ponytail leftover after my project; he saw it while getting ready and remembered back to the days of the rattail. Little bit of tape and he was set. Ugh! (Or rather “Gag me with a spoon!”)



  1. Oh. Wow. Disgraceful!! Love it.

  2. Scream! Very, very cool outfits. But it is the hair.... oh, the hair. And without a perm, too. Loctite! Ha ha ha ha! I'd say groovy, but that was the wrong decade. And you know what - you actually look really good in the photo with the Hair. I like you with your 2009 hair, but the 1980s hair looks not bad at all on you. Better you than me, anyway.

  3. I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. There are so many things "wrong" with the whole hair scenario. :) YES! It is weird that you had extra hair saved in your closet...even if it was in a nice, neat braid. And that rat-tail...oh my! I just don't know what to say. As the 80's styles are re-emerging, let's just hope that is one thing that stays in the 80's. But Ken pulled it off well. I would have voted for both of you too! Well done. Your talents continue to amaze me dear cousin. Luv ya!

  4. Dan corrected's not weird that you had your own hair in your closet, it is CREEPY! :) I'm still laughing.

  5. that is hilarious, and funny! i LOVE it! very creative, and a great way to recycle hair that had been saved!! and, nope, i don't think it is creepy! :)

  6. So glad I could entertain you/keep you in stitches/gross you out! : )

    And speaking of the 80s reemerging, it was so funny: the skirt I wore (actually a baby doll shirt/skirt with the bodice tucked down inside) was purchased just ONE WEEK earlier by my cousin, very "in"; the glasses are hers too; and she went gaga over all the earrings I pulled out of my old jewelry box, was SO excited when I allowed her to pick some out to borrow long-term. But the hair, she just couldn't understand the hair. Thought it ruined the whole outfit.. : )

    So I think rattails and big bangs will stay safely back where they belong...

  7. This is the funniest thing I've seen all week. Women across America will now hang onto their chopped-off locks to make their own hairpieces. Brilliant!

  8. O.K. Karin--MOST people would just go buy a wig. Can I say--"weird"--with all love.



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