Saturday, May 8

Heidi’s Birthday Book Cake

This was the second year in a row that Heidi wasn’t home on her birthday. But that didn’t mean she didn’t get a cake. She ended up making her own cake with the same person who taught me, her Omi.


Since Heidi’s LOVES to read, and in fact her first word was “book,” they decided to make it look like a book. Heidi wanted it closed, not open. So to decorate it, after the initial crumb coat, they smeared white frosting onto three of the sides, let it harden just a little, then scratched lines for “pages” into the sides using a fork.


Next they frosted the top and fourth side with pink, and used a pastry bag with a big round hole to pipe pink along the bottom edge of the three sides of pages.


Last, they added the title and cover page illustrations. And since they drove back up to our place the very next day, we all got to find out for ourselves what a good book Heidi’s Seventh Birthday is!



  1. Happy birthday Heidi! You are all grown up! And looking more and more like your lovely mom! That's a lot of exclamation marks! Lots of love from the girls in our house (E, J, K and their mom, whom they apparently have looked like since birth).

    P.S. K, have I said before that I adore your lettering?

  2. Happy Birthday to Heidi, what a lovely cake!

  3. I am so craving frosting right now. This was NOT a good post for me to see. :) (I am off to Sam's Club to buy one!)

    Happy Birthday, Heidi!

  4. Happy birthday to Heidi :o)

    Awesome cake!!




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