Saturday, October 16

BLOG :: Out with the Grey–In with the Autumn-y

Isn’t it funny how you sometimes love something and then grow to hate it? Well, maybe I didn’t ever love my grey with red flowers background but ugh I certainly don’t like it anymore.

And once I had changed the background, the header looked so empty, so I changed that too…


There are lots of online tutorials explaining how to change or add a “tiled” background in Blogger, so I won’t explain it all here again.

But some great websites I used along the way are listed below:

I made the yellow background image at


If I want to have stripes next time, I’ll go to


And I could even create a plaid using my very own color choices at


(I think these would also be a fun place for digital scrapbookers to make their own backgrounds…)

Once I made the image and downloaded it to my computer, I still had to get it onto the Web somewhere so that I could add the link to my Blogger template. Enter the website.


You upload a photo, tinypic stores is online and gives you a short address right to it, for example:

So then under the Blogger Dashboard – Design – Edit HTML, I just had to find the body { section and add the link address to the background url.


Enjoy making your very own backgrounds. I sure do!


  1. Liking your updated look. Thanks for doing some of the searching and pointing me in the right direction with some of those tools. It's the looking that takes so much time - or is it the playing around with afterwards...hmmm?

  2. Ooh, what lovely resources, thank you! I had no idea you could even find these things, and foresee many lost hours playing - sorry, productive time spent learning - these ;)

  3. Hmm, I am detecting a theme here -- we could start a club... : )

    A friend keeps reminding me of her motto this year: The timer is my friend in 2010. I need to use a timer more often! Especially when online!



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