Wednesday, December 1

Wee Felt Friends

There was one more little piece of the Christmas gift for K & S each. What’s a pocket without something to go in it?


I got the idea after a friend sent me a link to a really cute fabric Memory Game.  And when I saw the blog’s header, how could I not click and see what other fabulous things it—Chez Beeper Bebe—had?


Beautiful stuff! Like these spelling bean bags (tutorial included) and these adorable little matchbox monsters

image  image
image  image

…which inspired to me to make some little flower-tummied alien sisters.


I didn’t have any matchboxes handy, but figured they’d tuck nicely into the skirt pockets, along with a little note telling a bit about them.


Working on these reminded me of the felt Christmas ornaments I’d unearthed and finally finished last year. And reminded me how much I do love to sew up and embroider little stuff. Now I want to make a little spaceship for the alien sisters!

But I think sleep will have to take precedence. And unpacking my Thanksgiving trip suitcase that’s been on my sofa since Sunday. And pretty much all the rest of that thing called “my life” that’s quite full right now. Too bad.

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