Sunday, November 28



Just as I was finishing up some tiered skirts to go with the patchwork applique shirts for S & K, I saw LiEr’s second post about pockets at Specifically, I saw all the lovely pockets on the tiered skirts she made and thought “Of course! Pockets! What child doesn’t love little pockets to stuff stuff into?!? Must add pockets!

So little S got two patch pockets trimmed with the leftover pink ruffles…


…and slightly older K got just one gathered patch pocket.


LiEr is in the midst of posting tutorials for just about every type of pocket you could think of, including one for a gathered patch. Have anything that needs some pockets? Hop on over if you need some direction.

And inspiration. Thanks, LiEr!


  1. LiEr is amazing. And I LOVE the ruffles on your pockets!

  2. Love that pleated pocket! And the color of the skirts - is it salmon-and-grey? Very, very nice.

    Thanks for linking and shouting out about the series, K.
    I'm glad you're enjoying the pocket series! I'm still stuck at the posts for patch pockets which aren't anywhere as fun as the later pockets. I hope you'll like what's coming up. The inset pockets especially. Plus I like how short the posts are compared to my normal rambling ones. Have a nice week!



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