Wednesday, November 17

SEWING :: The Anna-phant, Part 2


I finished stuffing and stitching up my “practice” elephant for my niece last week. Unfortunately, he did not match what I had in my head.


So I tweaked the pattern and tried again. Number Two was shaping up—literally—to be much closer to what I wanted. (Yellow pattern piece made blue elephant; white piece made the green one.)


He’s got more of an actual head instead of being a ball with a trunk. I like that.


And much less bulbous overall than Number One. I like that too.


But he’s still got problems. On my paper pattern piece, the belly and legs are flat and level, but stuffing changes stuff. His belly is concave now. And that makes his legs point inward. I don’t like that.


So pattern pieces for Number Three are ready to go…


But instead of cutting into my third trial fabric, I got distracted by all the squares I’d cut out six months ago that might be turning into a Christmas gift or two.


So what do I do now? Finish a “welcome baby” gift that’s about four months late already? Or work on Christmas gifts, which I’d love to have done well before Dec 24 but who am I kidding? : )


  1. Make Elmer, the patchwork elephant! Use your squares! Unless they are huge squares, I mean. And actually I liked Elephant #1 a lot - maybe because it IS a ball with a trunk. Fell quite in love with it after seeing the top view in photo #5. But you're right - with a flatter forehead, it does look better in profile. But keep him fat and round. Eeeeeeeee!

  2. What a cute idea, L!! The squares are only 2" so not large. For the Anna-phant, I feel like I've got to stick with the fabrics the girls picked out, but for the next one, who knows?...

  3. I was going through my pics last night and saw the patchwork '4' project that you held my hand through. Thank you again- it was so much fun!



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