Wednesday, April 20

Whoopee Cushion Cake

There were a lot of questions when I brought this cake to the party. Here are the top ten answers:


1. Because, though she looks elegant and refined on the outside, she laughs herself silly watching Austin Powers movies and loves fart machines. And it was her fartieth fortieth birthday.


2. Yeah, but I’m sure I’m not the first. I just knew that a whoopee cushion would make her laugh. And then I figured that dry fondant could look a lot like the stuff whoopee cushions are made of. And then I figured I’d put it on top of a cake so there’d be something to actually eat. And then I figured I could make the cake look like a chair. And so on…


3. Rice Krispie Treats, covered with gumpaste (it’s like fondant but keeps its shape better because it dries quicker).


4. Squished it into the bottoms of two bowls.


5. A wad of saran wrap, til it was dry and hard.


6. Cake, four layers (my first time “torting” a cake).


7. Cardboard. And two skewers.


8. One row at a time. It’s really not hard if you know the trick. And have the right pastry bag tip.

IMG_6363 IMG_6364IMG_6365 IMG_6366

9. Royal icing (my first time doing “floodwork”).


10. I have no idea. More than four hours, but less than twenty. : )


Did I miss any?


  1. I am cute and funny. You win the best friend ever award!

  2. I should be in bed, but OH!!!!!! I LOVE this cake! I didn't realize at first that the chair was cake too. And with cardboard! You are the best, K - such ingenuity and skill. Killer combination.

    P.S. Aren't you glad the weather is semi-decent enough for outdoor photos? Such great pics.

  3. Thanks, Monica! Wish you and Jenny still hung out at the cafe on Wed nights!

    Thanks, L - you like the cardboard, eh? : ) I should be in bed too! And note -- photos where taken 10 days ago. Before the mid-April SNOW! Am NOT liking Second Winter.

  4. Oh my - I'm seriously impressed!! That is 100% awesome. Your creativity always amazes me!

  5. This cake is awesome. You have one very lucky friend!

    Love your banner, too - not sure how new it is (details are not my forte), but it's fabulous =)

  6. Thanks, Sara. (p.s. Husband was just in TX earlier this week. He -- and you, I assume -- had 80 degree weather while we had SNOW! -sigh-)

    Thanks, MaryAnne. The updated banner is still fairly new I think (keeping track of time is not MY forte!). Glad to hear you like it! : )

  7. Karin, your brain is amazing! Once again, you are my hero!!

  8. Wow--that's all I can say--wow!

  9. And you are mine, Jenny. Yes, you are my hero!

    thanks for your note, K!

  10. Eep - just saw your reply!

    Yes, it gets warm quickly here. We've had mid-90s for the last couple of weeks... until yesterday we had a freak cold front and it's been in the 70s. HEAVEN in my book :)

  11. insanely amazing. and awesome. speechless! :) lisa



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