Friday, February 22

Army Owl

In honor of our sweet next-door neighbor -- the only boy at Sophie's party -- who finished up his final vision therapy appointment this week. It's been a long year but he persevered! So tonight we're going to celebrate with him!

I'd dubbed the little stuffie "Army Owl," but his new adoptive daddy soon renamed him Camouflage Ninja Owl. : )

Accessory: I rejected the idea of making a weapon (owls don't need 'em; they have their beak and claws) and didn't want to fiddle with other suggestions (compass, radio, flashlight) so finally settled on an eye mask, which Owl's daddy can wear too! And, unlike all of the other owls, this one's pupils are shifted way to the side, kinda like he's suspicious, on alert, ever ready for attack from all sides.

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