Wednesday, February 13

Overrun by Owls

Time to break the six month blog silence. And since my old way of blogging (taking lots of pictures, writing lots of words, spending lots of time) doesn't seem to be working anymore, time to try something new.
One photo--right off my phone, a few words, a few moments of my day, and done.
By this weekend, these owls will all have gone to new homes. It's been lots of fun making them with the girls, picking out fabrics, deciding on the little touches. Hmm, I think I'll introduce each one over the next 12 days...


  1. LUV! Really like the one in front with the fabric pattern that makes two natural feather like tufts on each side. Can't wait to hear about the party!!!!

    1. Ha ha, just wait til you hear that one's name. I'm not surprised you picked that one out!

      Sophie wanted the leaf thingies to be at the ears, to look like feathers like you said, and the pattern was exactly the right size for that. (And then the big oval on the fabric ended up being right near the owl's belly.)

  2. K! Gorgeous owls! That one with the heart eyes -- very Valentine's Day! Which is today here, by the way, so happy Valentine's to you, the hub and the girls! Are you doing okay with the snow and stuff? It's finally stopped raining here so we're finally able to go out a bit and swim and do outdoor things.

    1. Thanks, L. It was warm enough to be outside without a hat, scarf, mittens, gloves, down jacket, overcoat and parka today. So, almost like Sing. : )

      Miss you all. And we'll miss the girls especially tomorrow. Do a bit of swimming on our behalf, please!



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