Monday, February 9

Lego Birthday Cake

Haven’t been feeling well the past few days. So sat on the sidelines with a box of tissues and wrapped in a blanket while the rest of the family ice-skated yesterday. (I would’ve probably been better off in bed, but didn’t want to miss out of the family fun completely.)

At home again, Ken noted that the Dayquil I’d taken had done nothing to help ease my symptoms. Neither had the free-range organic chicken stock that he used to make that day’s soup. So he made something that he felt SURE would help me. Chocolate cake. With chocolate frosting. : )

I took two doses last night and have had another today. They’re at least as beneficial as the DayQuil, if not better.

And all that as a silly introduction to recap the birthday cake I made quite a while ago for the man who makes me cake when I’m sick. : ) And who enjoyed the Lego Movie, which had just come out around the same time.


Yellow cake with chocolate frosting, as always.

I baked a square cake – to become the main brick pieces – and a bunch of little mini-cupcakes – to become the studs on the bricks.


I cut square in half, then put one of the resulting rectangles on a piece of cardboard cut to the same size. Also made some supports out of cereal boxes, to help hold up the overhanging sections of the top brick. You can just see the in the picture below. Simply a rectangle piece folded in half. (Note: I put the bottom cake on the green baseplate and frosted it. Then put the second cake on top and frosted it.)


To frost the studs without pulling my hair out, I skewered the top of the mini-cupcake with a fork and slathered frosting onto the sides. Since the sides sloped inward top to bottom, I put more frosting at the bottom than the top to make them appear straight up and down. I also tried to build up extra frosting at the top edge so the last step would be easier, then used the fork to position the stud onto the block.

20140314_194356  20140314_194409

Then I pressed down on the unfrosted top so I could pull the fork out. And finally I carefully frosted the top of the stud. If there was enough of a build-up of frosting around the top of the sides, then it was almost more like just filling in the hole in the middle, which made the studs look less domed and more like they had a flat circular top.

20140314_194429  20140314_194534

We added a few other Lego blocks, including some plates to cover up the cereal-box supports and a happy minifig to hold the sign one of the girls wrote.


And with that, I think it’s time for my next dose of my medicine cake. Yes, that’s what my girls are calling it. As in “Mama, can I have another piece of your medicine cake?”


Oh, and when I saw it cooling on the counter, at first I couldn’t figure out why it looked so squat. And large. “Oh, you baked it in a jelly roll pan,” I said. His reply: “I did what? That’s not the usual cake pan?” Oh how I love that man.

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