Sunday, June 27

PJ Pillows and Toddler Comforter from Shams

More projects from my 6-week pause – this time, not gifts, but two projects I pushed off for months and then finally finished so I could start something new, as per my Project Plan.

First, the PJ pillows – one for each girl, with a pocket on the back to hold her pajamas during the day. (Got the idea from a mom who made PJ bags that hung on each kid’s bedpost.)


The other project was using the fabrics from two shams that match the comforters on Sophie and Heidi’s beds to make a matching comforter for Lucy. Now that it is done, I wonder why I waited so long! It was easy enough and Lucy loves that her bed now looks more like her big sisters’.


 ~ ~ ~

P.S. Sewing PJ pillows for daughters is one thing; getting them to consistently use the pillows for their intended purpose is another.

Also, camera angles that obscure the floor—and its contents—and crop out most of the dresser tops—and their contents—can cleverly convey a false sense of tranquility… 

Just wanted to be mention this, lest you think I have my act all together. : )


  1. Oh these pillows are so sweet, Karin!
    And I love the pink colour, it is so "girl-ish" (ok, that is not an english word, but....) :o)
    My girls also love it!

    Hugzzz, Anne:)

  2. I love that idea for the PJS. Since I don't have any sewing talent...I could remove the stuffing in a pillow and replace it with PJS!!!

    Or...maybe...we should stick with our PJ hooks. :)



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