Wednesday, July 21

If My Camera Battery Weren’t Dead…

…or, more specifically, if I knew where in the world my camera battery charger ran off to, I’d post a photo of the new playhouse interior (a cool grey, thanks to free paint from the reclamation center, instead of pressed wood with random white splotches that it used to be)…

…or perhaps, one showing my progress on the MongoMonopoly board I’m making as a prop for the Vacation Bible School at our church next week (a project that has reignited my love of acrylic paints and inspired Sophie to dream of what else we could enlarge and project using a borrowed “Projecta Scope”)…

…or maybe some photo showing some other glimpse of my summer.

I miss using my camera. But can’t see myself shelling out the cash for a new charger when I know it must be around here (or Wisconsin or my parents’ house or…) somewhere! What to do, what to do…


  1. you really should check ebay. I bought an extra charger for my last camera and it was soooo cheap. Then when you find yours you will always have a backup. Or....use it as an excuse to upgrade to a new camera:-)

  2. FABULOUS idea, Monica!!! I just checked and I can get a charger PLUS extra battery for under $10! Unbelievable.

    New camera idea isn't bad either... just slightly more expensive. : )



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