Thursday, July 22

Hurrah for Rolled Hem Foots!

OK, I lied yesterday. My battery camera wasn’t totally dead, just practically so. The icon that was flashing red with no bars left, which doesn’t fit with my propensity to take 30 photos to get three I’ll use.

But yesterday, a friend brought over her sewing machine because it has a rolled hem foot and I have 24 yards of brown organza waiting to be made into table runners for my brother’s wedding. And having testing it out last night, I wanted to snap some photos to send to my future sis-in-law and was able to eek out a few using the barely-there battery.

I am now in love with making teeny tiny hems.

rolled hem edge

Which is good since I have about … [opening up Excel] … 160 yards of teeny tiny hems to sew.

I should not have just calculated that.

I think I’ll head downstairs now to my sewing corner…

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