Saturday, July 24


As seen in yesterday’s post, photos are back! : )

I think my charger is a 150 miles away from me, but as luck would have it, I discovered that Jana’s friend has the same camera as me and she let me borrow hers for now, european cord plus adapter and all. (She’s Belgian!)


And since I should maybe post something other than just some electronics that make me smile, here’s something else that makes me smile, a little start of something for my niece, Anna, who is just 8 days old today. Onesie found during errands with the girls the other day, fabrics selected by Sophie who seems to think she’s in charge of this project. : )


So now I have something sweet to distract me during hem-sewing breaks.



  1. Thanks, MA - the girls picked it out. Came with cute little brown pants too and the girls want me to make a brown ruffled skirt too. Oy vey... I think I'll just stick with the current project...



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