Tuesday, February 28

“Continue Reading” Links – Yay or Nay?

What do you prefer? Hugely long posts showing up in all their fullness on my blog home page and/or your blog reader? Or just the beginning bit followed by a “Continue reading” link?


See, I just discovered that what was once a huge undertaking on Blogger is now (as of 2+ years ago, actually!) as easy as clicking the “Insert Jump Break” button. That means, on my blog home page, I can hide the fact that I’m long-winded and picture-happy by inserting a simple “Continue Reading” link after a paragraph or two.

So I did that on a few recent posts. And then I also changed my feed settings, from “full” to “until jump break.”

But I’m not the one affected by this – you are. And I know what I prefer, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts and reactions. (Scroll down to the two Heart Art Party posts to see examples.)

* * *

By the way, I found this info on how to create post summaries on Blogger with “Read More” at Blogger Plugins, written by a guy named Aneesh who seems hugely knowledgeable and helpful, judging by all his replies to people’s comments on various (fantastic) posts of his.


  1. I prefer the full posts, both in my reader and on blogs. But I would love to hear what other people think!

    I do like that you have the option of seeing other recent posts in your sidebar - just added that to my blog, and should have done it ages ago.

  2. I prefer the full post myself. I am more likely to read it all. I often lose interest if I have to click through unless the topic really grabs my attention.

  3. I'm a new reader, but my preference is for the full post. The less clicking I have to do in order to access something, the more likely I am to read it through. I don't mind long-windedness at all. :)

  4. let's.. ..try this again... ;)

    I really like the "continue reading" link on your blog itself. But, I use Google Reader, and I hugely prefer seeing full posts there.

  5. i actually prefer the full posts. i tend to check out photos too to get an idea if i want to read on and you don't generally get photos if there's the jump break, or at least not on some platforms.

  6. Thanks for your comments, all! Full posts was the clear favorite, which surprised me. I thought there'd be more liking the short bits. So I'm glad I asked! : )



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