Friday, February 3

Goblets and Glasses and Mugs… Where’s Mine?!?

While preparing for our neighborhood Court Whist card night last Saturday, I eyed all the the various beverage receptacles we were setting out and wondered how guests would keep them all straight, with all the mingling and moving between tables I knew they’d be doing. 


Would Sharpie names written on mugs, goblets and glasses be tacky?

Then an amazing thing happened! We were finished setting up … and there were still THIRTY MINUTES until guests were supposed to arrive! Which left plenty of time for me to grab some supplies from upstairs and get to work.


The wire was hardly thick enough. And Pony beads are only one step up from Sharpie-names-on-goblets tackiness perhaps, but their bright colors offered the only means of differentiation (the whole point of this project) that I could find amongst my supplies. Paired with some crystal-looking beads (same as the ones I used to make the “chandelier” in the light-up dollhouse), they gussied up nice enough.

Goblets got little rings around their stems.


Mugs got little charms attached to their handles. (While attempting these, I was glad I’d spent some time watching how my friend Mo makes her jewelry.)


And glasses got little bands around their bottoms. Lucky for me, they have a nice little groove down there for the beads to nestle in.


Ran out of Pony beads, but found other beads to keep things different.


I raided my button jar too.


And, with about 7 minutes to spare, everything was set up once again.


We had SUCH fun hanging with our neighbors. And as far as I know, nobody lost track of their beverage.


  1. Brava, K! Thought I'd check in early this morning before the rest of the world (and our household) woke up here. Did you meet the neighbors, then? What fun! Love the wineglass charms - and the mug charms, and the tumbler charms! So clever. And reusable. Ah, everyone woke up now, so must get going. See ya soon!

    1. Thanks for the note, L. Maybe for the next gathering, you'll be in the country and can join us! : )

  2. Great idea! I will be doing this for our monthly Neighbor Night! Thanks, K!

    1. Thanks, J. Was wondering what you do for your NNs and then just saw it on your blog! Anyway, if you do it, I suggest less bendable wire than the puny stuff I used!

  3. I love your charms! When we tried the great one-dish-one-mug-for-each-family-member experiment (which would have worked if I'd kept up with the washing....) everyone made their own mug charm with beads and crystals. Also pony beads! We actually tied them on with acrylic yarn so they go through the dishwasher like that and don't have to be removed.

    They definitely bring a festive feeling!

    1. Thanks, Carrie. When we did the one-glass-each-for-the-day, I just rinsed out the glass after each meal and did a proper washing at the END of the day. Works for glasses, not so much for messier plates...

      That's a great idea to use the acrylic yarn. I considered sending the charms through the dishwasher but wasn't sure the flimsy wire would make it. I wonder what would happen with thicker wire -- would it rust?

  4. Hi Karin! I’m passing on to your blog “The Versatile Blogger” award if you wish it. Take a look here:
    Have a nice day!
    Olga ☼



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