Thursday, February 9

Is there a group for this?

Was talking to a friend yesterday who I haven’t talked to in about a month. I told her about our recent Card Night and she brought up seeing the last post about the little charms I made.

Then she added “I was glad to see that post. I was beginning to wonder if something had happened to you.”

Nope, I just didn’t post anything for almost a month.

But here’s the thing I don’t understand. During that almost month:

  • I had blog posts ideas swirling around in my head.
  • I took photos for blog posts.
  • I jotted down notes for blog posts.
  • I even WROTE ENTIRE blog posts.

I just didn’t post anything. What’s the deal?

Guess how many drafts I have in Blogger right now…


Three years ago, I started using LiveWriter instead of Blogger for writing posts; guess how many drafts I have there…


Guess how many photos I have for possible blog posts…

(Well, maybe not quite that many –
unlike the drafts, I didn’t actually count the photos.)

And those blog post ideas swirling around in my head? Some of them have been in there for YEARS!


“Hi, my name is Karin* and I am a non-posting blogger.”


*pronounced like “CAR in the garage”, not “CARE-en”


  1. Oh, but I still love you..posts or no!

    1. Thanks JD. And I love that you actually do some of the stuff you read about here. : )

  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOL! You are funny, K! Take your time. Your posts are always worth the wait.

    1. So sweet, you are, Jenny! Glad I could make you laugh. : )

  3. i agree...definitely worth the wait! and you're always good for more than a few laughs! :) lisa



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