Monday, March 1

“I’m the type of person who has to finish one project before starting another.”

I hear people like this exist, people who can’t start a new project until they’ve finished their current one. In fact, I know some personally and have heard this very phrase come out of their mouths.


And I heard the phrase repeatedly in my head this weekend as I started yet another project that’s been looping around my brain for months.


Said the soft-spoken, bewitching brain, “It’s OK, Karin, this will be a quick, simple project! You can start it and finish it in the same weekend. In the same DAY even! And with all that momentum, you can tackle all the other projects languishing on your craft table. So, go for it. Do it. You know you want to!”

“Just sew the three pieces of fabric together, turn it inside out, and the pillows will be done! Easy peasy! Really!” continued the brain. 

And so the hands cut. And the eyes saw. And the brain said, “But ooh, wouldn’t it be lovely if the tops were quilted first?!?”


And oh, the other things the brain suggested. (See that cording below? Badly done, Brain. Badly done.)


In short, the project is nowhere near complete.

And to add insult to injury, the quilted pieces are so stiff, I’m not sure yet that I can use them as pillow fronts!  Brain, are you happy?!?

P.S. Am also having tension trouble. Can’t seem to fix it. Grrrr.


P.P.S. I keep forgetting, when the girls are awake, to have them pick a crown recipient out of a hat. Brain is apparently too busy sabotaging my ability to ever finish any project again…


  1. *raises hand* Yah. That would be me too. I can't start something new when something unfinished is staring me in the face. But I'm not always glad about that. Because when I'm in a bit of a slump, I seem to be unable to start something new (because I have to finish the project on hand first), but I can't find the inspiration to go forth with the project that needs to be finished. So i do nothing. And so I can be working on a coat for months... like now *grin*. But.. it's almost finished now. Yippeeee! So.. I can be a bit jealous when I hear people who can tackle multiple projects at once. It sounds waaay to chaotic for me (oh my, I really AM a freak), but at the same time I imagine it can be very liberating for your inspiration.

    Anyway, I think the pillows so far look absolutely lovely. The quilted butterflies look so sweet. If you can't use them for pillows because they are too stiff, then maybe you can hang them on a wall in your little ones' bedrooms? They are too cute to be wasted, aren't they?


  2. I don't even know how many projects I have that are unfinished...I think those pillows look amazing, hope you work out the stiffness and tension issues...

  3. I think we were separated at birth. I have at least 3 or 400 projects laying around waiting to be finished. My husband has forbidden me from starting any more until they're done... especially ones that cost money.

    I LOVE the pillows - awesome job. And I agree, they look fantastic quilted!

  4. Oh, Karin, I had to laugh when I read your note. I didn't know that about you! And to think, when I read you were stalled on the coat, I almost suggested you make something else quick that goes with the jacket to get you going again -- a coordinating scarf, a brooch (perhaps that would have to be bought) -- but couldn't think of anything truly "quick" so skipped commenting. : ) Well, now I can add you to the list of voices in my head encouraging me to FINISH something...

    MaryAnne, perhaps you, Sara and I should start a little club -- "Two for One" for example. We have to finish two projects before starting another. : )

    Sara, funny! I'm been meaning to make a list of started projects so I can DO them and mark them complete! But I haven't started - I think for fear of the length!

    And thanks, all, for the kind comments about the pillow. Gives me hope to keep trying to get them done... : )

  5. I need to just buy a sewing machine of my own. You'll have to tell me a good starter machine. I've always wanted one. Please, don't tell me that they are ALL hundreds of dollars. Maybe, I won't get one.

  6. Are you saying that because you're starting to despair of ever getting your blue dress back? Or just because seeing me sew makes you even more eager to sew? : )

    As for a good starter machine, I'm not sure about that. Jess G got a Brother (from walmart, I think) and I used that for Al's quilt. Not sure how much hers was; I think you can get a simple one for under $100 at Walmart. Another option is to look for an older used one - craigslist perhaps or garage sales. But patience is required there; plus I might be hard for you (with little machine experience) to know if it's a "good" machine or not.

    Let me know if you want to meet at Walmart sometime and check out the selections... : )

  7. This is what happened to me when I read your post...
    Download projects page *tick*
    Print projects page *tick*
    Print another few *tick*
    Wouldn't they work well if I bound them together, with a nice cover?...
    mmm I think I see where the problem is. I guess I'd better just pin them up and get sewing (and make 3 daughters, who are waiting for finished quilts, very happy in the process).
    Thanks for the download!

  8. Hi Quilary -- I'm a bit late in replying but your comment cracked me up. I do the same thing - start simple, add on, add somemore, and suddenly find myself off on a crazy rabbit trail. How are the quilts coming along? (Are they the jeans ones I saw on your site?)

  9. After I confessed to a washing basket full of Unfinished Objects, the lovely Quilary sent me here to take a look at your sheet...It's wonderful! I've also printed out a few, and then a few more but maybe I'm beyond help! I believe the entire column named "What's the hold up" could just be replaced with..."because something else popped into my head and replaced any thought of the other thing I was previously so excited about doing" hehehe also, my husband walked past while I was reading this and he agrees with Sara's husband I've been banned from new projects until the basket is empty ;)

  10. Oh, BusyB, I hear ya! "Hold Up" was another commenter's idea and I liked it but I knew I'd have trouble in most cases coming up with anything other than "Hmm, don't feel like it anymore..."

    So, maybe you have to change the second line to "til TEN are done" or something like that. But don't make it so daunting that you just give up and go back to not finishing ANYTHING!!! I figured with two to one I would be making forward progress, just very slowly... : )



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